Fistbeard Beardfist

Ranger 2 / Monk 2 / Ranger 1 / Deepwarden 2 / Fist of the Forest 3 / Kensai 10

Passive Way Monk: Combat Expertise and Improved Trip as bonus feats
Strongarm Ranger: Power Attack as Combat Style bonus feat
Trap Expert: Trade Track for Trapfinding and Disable Device as a class skill.

Great Fortitude
Combat Expertise (B)
Poison Healer
Improved Trip (B)
Power Attack (B)
Steadfast Determination
Track (B)
Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike
Quick Recovery
Snap Kick
Hammer Fist

This build has some interesting abilities. The Stonewarden class feature from Deepwarden allows the use of the Constitution modifier in place of the Dexterity modifier to armor class, if the Constitution modifier  is higher. The Fist of the Forest class also grants an AC bonus which function as the Monk's, except it is keyed off of the Constitution modifier as well.

Offensively, you get a Feral Trance: For the duration of the trance, you gain a +4 bonus to Dexterity and a +2 bonus on damage rolls with your unarmed strikes. You can also make one bite attack per round at your highest attack bonus whenever you attack as a full-round action.
The damage for this attack is 1d6 + your Str modifier, regardless of your size. A feral trance lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + your Con modifier. While in a trance, you cannot perform certain actions, and afterward you are fatigued. These restrictions are the same as those for the barbarian's rage class feature (PH 25-26).

In addition, Kensai allows you to enchant your unarmed strikes (which may be made with any part of the body, say the beard?) with various special properties. This allows you to have, for example, a flaming, throwing, returning beard.

The final trick of the build is the feat Poison Healer, from Fiendish Codex I,, which Any time you succeed on a Fortitude save against a poison, you heal a number of hit points of damage equal to your Constitution bonus. Not terribly useful in combat, unless you abuse flasks and straws or shove a bunch of snakes in your pants like the Trouserfang Dwarf, but you can now fully recover from a fight by drinking whiskey. (It also means that any drow trying to shoot you with poisoned crossbow bolts are in for a very bad day.)

The first iteration of Fistbeard involved the Drunken Master prestige class, which was fun, but not that useful. Besides, it didn't bestow the ability to have an enchanted beard. 

There is also a variation (Fistbear Bearfist) which uses Ranger and Barbarian as the base classes – preferably using the Strongarm Ranger (Dragon Magazine) variant for Power Attack as a Combat Style at level 2, and the Bear Totem  Barbarian (UA) for Improved Grapple (and Toughness and Great Fortitude, but those are only useful as prerequisites if you need them), then goes into Bear Warrior to turn into a kung-fu panda. Bear Warrior isn't good for 10 levels, but it does allow entry into Warshaper. The remaining levels of the build can be filled with more Bear Warrior, Frostrager, etc.

It would go roughly like this:

Dwarf Ranger 3/Barbarian 3/Deepwarden 2/Fist of the Forest 3/Bear Warrior 1/Warshaper 4/Bear Warrior 4

1: Improved Unarmed Strike
2: Power Attack (B)
3: Extra Rage
3: Toughness (B)
4: Improved Grapple (B)
5: Great Fortitude (B)
6: Endurance (B)
6: Steadfast Determination
9: Poison Healer
12: Knock Down
15: Snap Kick
18: Improved Natural Attack: (Beard)

Barbarian: Bear Totem

Ranger: Trap Expert, Strongarm Ranger

If you don't want to be a barbearian, you can go into Primeval, as Bear Totem gets you Toughness, and Ranger gets you Endurance, so you only need to take Self-Sufficient to qualify. As it is also a shapeshifting class, you can take Warshaper levels as well.