Our second 5e session

Our second session of 5e!
In this session, we're accompanying our megalomaniac boss, who has taken up to him to transport a strange old man from the city we were located in to somewhere in the countryside, where some kind of ore (which, incidentally isn't valuable) can be found.
Most of the session was devoted to making travel arrangements, bullying people to leave their table at a random tavern and generally doing railroad-y funny stuff.
After we finally got on the road, we managed to get to a hill where the ore vine is supposed to be, we camped and started scouting the area. On the other side of the hill we found an orc encampment and we were so satisfied with the fact that they were situated just outside the mine's entrance that we decided to pay them a visit. They were quite friendly, as they didn't attack us on sight - they instead gathered around and started grunting and shouting a name in orcish, until an enormous phallic symbol ... err .. orc came out from a tent holding a giant axe and basically told us to get lost or he'd do bad things to us with his weapon.
We decided to get back to the old man and inform him that the entrance of the mine is crawling with orcs, but he didn't seem to care, as he wanted his ore that badly.
So our party consists of:
myself!Half-Elf Bard (probably going Valor)2
ThodorisElf Rogue/Monk1/1
AndreasVariant Human Paladin2
IliasVariant Human Warlock2
PetrosHuman Fighter2
On to the pictures!
Andreas has brought some print-outs, so I filled mine up!
A rough map of the area that we were going to travel to.
The hill that the ore vine is at. The orc settlement is located in the southeast.
Rolling 19...
... and 20 on random perception checks. Thanks real-life rng, I now know that you will not be favoring me when I'll be making in-combat rolls.
Critical miss on perception (not that we're playing with critical misses on skill checks, but rolling so low made me unable to track the incoming orc scouting party).
On the top of the hill we found this orcish ritual site with four large pillars.
And here are the guys that came to welcome us!
Negotiations didn't go as expected and some well-placed arrows by our fighter brought one orc down.


  1. Hey Dictumm I just realized that the blog is ".ar". Does that mean you are from Argentina? Just asking because I am, and, well, it also suprised my quite a bit

    1. Hello Manu,

      I am from Greece. I don't know what's up with the country extensions, but blogger blogs are accessible from any of them. I believe that google redirects you automatically to your country's one, if you are logged in, according to your country preferences e.g. if I hit "http://dictummortuum.blogspot.com" I get redirected to "http://dictummortuum.blogspot.gr".



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