[Update #6] Wizard's Handbook - Missing Feats


Collegiate Wizard CAThis feat can be found on page 181 of the sourcebook Complete Arcane. It's only available to first level wizard characters and it's pretty straightforward - every time you get a wizard level, you add double the spells to your spell list (four total). Notice that the feat mentions that you're gaining the additional spells whenever you advance a wizard level, not every time your wizard casting advances, so it's worthless if you plan on switching to a prestige class (you should, by the way). Thus, the feat is a great candidate for retraining - just get some bonus spells for the first few levels of your career, which will be great to you financially and then switch it for a metamagic or another feat that is light on requirements. If your DM rules that you should also lose this feat's benefits, for instance, if you lose this feat the additional spells known are erased from your spellbook, you can still use it in conjunction with Scribe Scroll and scribe the spells you gained before losing them, in order to re-acquire them; this is not that different from using a borrowed spellbook to memorize spells and scribe them later of course, but it does let you cherry-pick the spells you need. Collegiate Wizard is a very good feat if resources are scarce, but you shouldn't hold on to it for long. 

Spells, General:

Precocious Apprentice CA: This feat can be found on page 181 of the sourcebook Complete Arcane. Its advantage is that it provides you with a second level spell slot from level one, but in order to use the second level spell slot before your spellcasting level is high enough to provide it naturally, you must succeed in a caster level check. Precocious Apprentice is, of course, rarely used in order to get access to a second level spell prematurely, as it's highly likely that it will fail. It's used in order to provide you access to the second tier of spells at a lower level, thus make it easier for you to qualify for prestige classes that have a spellcasting requirement, earlier (usually classes that feature a dual specasting advancement). There has been a lot of critisism on whether you can or cannot use Precocius Apprentice in such a way, but in most optimization cycles it's widely regarded as a valid way to qualify for requirements; if this doesn't work for your Dungeon Master, or if you feel that it's cheesy, don't use it. Do note that RAW suggests that you get an additional second level spell slot when the second tier of spells opens up for your character; this can be tricky when trying to qualify for a dual advancement prestige class - for instance, if a wizard 1/cleric 2 gets another cleric level, the second level of spells opens up for the cleric class and, arguably, the cleric class receives the bonus spell slot from Precocious Apprentice
Uncanny Forethought EoE: This feat is a reason to have Spell Mastery, an otherwise average feat. It has two base functions, that are pretty much analogous: either you spend a standard action and cast a spell that you have mastered with Spell Mastery, or you spend a full-round action in order to cast any spell you know, with a minor (-2) caster level hit. This seems to be pretty straightforward, but there is a very good exploit that you can utilize with this feat: casting a mastered spell is a standard action, even if its original casting time is higher; granted, there aren't many spells that are important enough to be mastered that have a high casting time, so the usual candidates will be Summon X spells. The limit of the spell slots you can leave 'open' is your intelligence modifier, and you should be maximizing that, so while limited, this feat offers a great deal of options, several times a day - at least enough to keep a good amount of your higher level spells open for emergency situations.