Mr. Icy Hot

Disclaimer: This is not my work; everything is written by McJarvis. I tried to duplicate his original formatting as much as I could.

WARNING: Unlike most optimized char builds, the actual optimized build is at the BOTTOM of this post. the Winterhaunt version is a flavour build. Also note that the "Swarm Shifter" template and all benifits derived from it are unavailable to PC's, but work well as an addition if Mr. Icy Hot is a NPC/Villian.

In the thread I originally posted the base idea in people seemed to react favorably, so I decided to do an official write-up. Voila.

Books Used: Lib Mort, Sandstorm, Frostburn, Players Handbook.

Mr. Icy Hot

 Starting out as a cleric dedicated to studying the sand, Mr. Icy Hot soon found himself on his way to becoming a Dry Lich. Once he had attained this, the idea of spreading wasteland through measures of heat alone would not sate his appitite. He required another medium, and he found it in the cold. Now he is the ultimate weapon of the waste.

Race: Asherati

I chose Asherati because of heat endurance being a racial feat and the inherient +1 natural armor. Human could easily be used, or any race that offers a bonus feat/or Heat Endurance.

Domains: Sand and whatever you want.

Build: Cleric 3/Walker in the Waste 10/Winterhaunt of Iborighu 7

Clrc 1 Extend Spell
Clrc 2
Clrc 3 Persistant Spell
WitW 1/Clrc 3(Wis)
WitW 2/Clrc 3
WitW 3/Clrc 3 Craft Wondrous Item
WitW 4/Clrc 3
WitW 5/Clrc 3(Wis)
WitW 6/Clrc 3 Favored of Iborighu
WitW 7/Clrc 3
WitW 8/Clrc 3
WitW 9/Clrc 3 Piercing Cold(Wis)
WitW 10/Clrc 3[[Apply Swarm Shifter(Undead Sand) template here]]
WoI 1/WitW 10/Clrc 3
WoI 2/WitW 10/Clrc 3 Divine Metamagic(Persistant Spell)
WoI 3/WitW 10/Clrc 3(Wis)
WoI 4/WitW 10/Clrc 3
WoI 5/WitW 10/Clrc 3 Mother Cyst
WoI 6/WitW 10/Clrc 3
WoI 7/WitW 10/Clrc 3(Wis)

Assuming only an Elite Array:

Str 13
Con 8
Dex 12
Int 10
Wis 15
Cha 14
At level 20:
With Lich, Persistent Righteous Might, Divine Power, and Necrotic Empowerment:
BAB: 18
Natural Armor: 22 or 24 when winter chill cloak is on.

Str 29
Con -
Dex 20
Int 18
Wis 32
Cha 16


Will: 26
Reflex: 11
Fort: 16

Damage Reduction: 15/good and 10/Magic and Bludgeoning.
ave hp: =313.5(12+6.5*12+120+3*20)
fast healing 2 in dry conditions
immune to dehydration, heat, polymorph, cold, poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, critical hits, nonlethal damage, physical ability score damage, fatigue, exhaustion, and mind-affecting spells and abilities. Also any effect requiring a fortitude save unless it would work on an object.

By the time he's done buying equipment/tomes, all of his stats could easily be in the 20's. Some in the 30's.

On top of being an 18th level caster, Mr. Icy Hot has a ton of immunities, massive hps, good BAB, damage reduction, amazing stats, a natural armor bonus that will allow you to easily get his AC into the 40-50's, and the ability to turn into a “swarm” of sand with a 60ft perfect fly speed at will.

Options for change:

If you replace the Winter Haunt levels with Cleric levels, you will effectively gain three feats and lose your cold immunity as well as 2 natural armor. Looking back on it, this is probably worth it since there are a few feats I would like to add, such as Practiced Spell Caster. Divine Metamagic(Persistant spell) would also be made available by third level or so this way. That very well may be the optimized build, but I like the Icy Hot flavor better.


Late Addition.

Cleric 3/Walker in the Waste 10/Cleric 7 is probably the best thing to do after all. Use the "Mantle of the Icy Soul" spell from Frostburn(6th level cleric- perminantly grants cold subtype) along with "Mantle of the Firey Spirit" spell from Sandstorm(9th level cleric-perminantly grants fire subtype). Instead of the Craft Wondrous Item, Chosen of Ibo, and Piercing Cold feats....Throw in
Craft Contingent Spell(so you can instantly put up your buffs again in case they are dispelled). Two extra feats.

Now you can walk around immune to both fire and cold, and take double damage from both of them as well.(2*0=0) The only weakness is if some resourceful person hits you with one of those metamagic feats that let spells surpass fire/cold immunity.

I like the Winterhaunt flavor better, but this one meets the flavor requirements too.(though seeing ten levels in cleric makes me feel bored...)